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Dorota Kenderová

Dorota Kenderová

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Jänner 2008 - Jänner 2008

Name and surname:
Dorota Kenderová Mgr.Art. 

Education: Academy of fine arts and design, Bratislava
Since 2007  doctoral study intermedia and multimedi depart.
2003 - 2007 painting department doc.Ilona Németh
2002 - 2003 painting department prof.Daniel Fischer
1999 - 2002 sculpture department – studio doc. Antona Čierneho
2004  Faculdade de Belles Artes Porto

2006 -  Editing, Gorizia, Taliansko
2005 -  Istroart,Bratislava
2003 - „Comentar“ Chata Marica, Ružín  2002 - „Transart dislocated“ Cluj, Rumunsko

2005 -  laureat ,Essl Award

Activities: founder and programm coordinator of Galerry HIT
(together with Lucia Tkáčova a Martin Piaček)

Solo exhibition
2007  „Scenthesis“,Raum 26,Berlin,DE(upcoming)
2006  „After 76“ Cik-Cak Centrum, Bratislava 

Group exhibition
2007   Between us,Karlin,Prague
Irgendwo Dazwischen, Friedrichshof,Rakúsko
Praguebiennalle 3,Prague, ČR
2006   47 Octobersalon,Belgrad, Serbia
Contemporary art from Slovakia, ECB,Frankfurt am Mohan
Runaway, Space gallery,SK
Konekšn , galeriaHIT,SK ,C2C , Prague

2005  Essl Award Exhibition, Sammlung Essl, Klosterneuburg, A
“Sell me, buy me!” AVU, Prague, Cz
Res Publica, Open gallery, Bratislava
Studio IN ,Brahmerova kúria,SK

2004  Istroart, galéria Médium, Bratislava 
This is my place, GJK Trnava
Komentár, Múzeum Vojtecha Lofflera, Košice

2003  This is my place, Štátna Galéria, B.Bystrica
Permanentný romantizmus, GMB Pálffyho palác, Bratislava
Salón mladých ,Zlín ,CZ

2002   Trans ART DisLocatet, Clui, Rumunsko
2001  Research of research, Považská galéria Žilina


“IS THERE ANY OBJECTIVE REALITY ?“ is a site specific installation that I have developed for AiR base. Using special technologies, all glass surfaces in the exhibition space are covered by steam and water drops.


My latest artistic production is based on different approaches covering installation, performance, latent personal intervention or ephemeral art – permanent or transitory, literal or allegorical, existing in real time or only documented by photographs, texts or videos. I work in the fields where I sense borders between art and the world around. I exploit things and affairs with a strong relation to a particular place. What are they? Why do they exist and how can we deal with them? I am putting these questions into coherence and I try to give them my/their own logic. My approach is clearly conceptual and I choose appropriate media and a stringent aesthetic realization.

During my stay in Vienna I have  pursued these strategies by personally exploring the Viennese scene, its relationships and  possibilities. Vienna with its art scene and studio in MQ, has provided a strong stimuli and enrichment for my future artistic creation.
Multiplicity of site specific art as a complex cipher for an unstable relationship between location and identity has become one of the results of my project IS THERE ANY OBJECTIVE REALITY?

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