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Vasil Artamonov

Vasil Artamonov

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tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung


Jänner 2007 - Februar 2007

Vasil Artamonov
Born 20. 08. 1980 in Solnechnogorsk (Russia), lives in Prague (Czech republic).

1999 - 2006 Academy of Arts,Architecture and Design in Prague.

Selected solo exhibitions:
2006 Opinion – Klamovka Pavilon (with Alexey Klyuykov), Prague
2006 The way we helped…- ETC. Gallery (with Alexey Klyuykov), Prague
2006 Druzhba – Bazilika Gallery, Ceske Budejovice
2005 Lesson 25 – Eskort Gallery, Brno
2005 Andreevka 2 – Jeleni Gallery, Prague
2005 Texts – Obratnik Gallery(with Vaclav Magid), Prague
2004 Andreevka – A. M. 180 Gallery, Prague

Selected group exhibitions:

2006 I called friends to have a look - Miroslav Kralevic Gallery and Gallery Nova, Zagreb.
Curator: Vjera Borozan, David Kulhanek
2006 Indication - Jungmanova 21/30 , Prague. Curator: Mariana Serranova
2006 Účel(Purpose) – AVU gallery, Prague. Curator: Petra Herotova, Vaclav Magid
2006 Věcné stavy (Objective states) - Karlin studios, Prague. Curator: Vaclav Magid
2006 Mars field – M’ars Gallery, Moscow. Curator: Jiri David
2006 Shadows of Humor - BWA Gallery, Wroclaw. Curator: William Hollister
2006 Low-cost Genaration - Czech Center, Prague. Curator: Alberto di Stefano
2006 Innenansicht-Prag 06 - Kunstraum Noe gallery, Vienna. Curator: Alberto do Stefano
2005 Videocamp - Klamovka Pavilon, Prague. Curator: M.Salak
2005 JeDésire - AAAD Gallery, Prague
2005 There Are No Animals Beyond This Point – Malostranska beseda gallery, Prague
2004 Czech made – Display Gallery, Prague. Curator: PAS Group
2004 Love Doubner Gallery, Prague
2004 Obsession of collection – Vysocina Regional Gallery, Jihlava. Curator: M. Salak
2002 …it happened one night - Pilsen City Gallery, Pilsen. Curator: M. Pechoucek
2001 Mother land – AAAD Gallery, Prague. Curators: V.Soukup, R. Wohlmuth



Alexey Klyuykov / Vasil Artamonov
MQ Vienna 1.1-28.2.2007

Winter two months residence in MQ was very important and directive for our next work.
Thanks to the way of the residence organisation and the all support we was in perfect position put a brain intensively into the art work in the meaning of discussion and art education.

During the stay we prepared the conception for series of new art projects and put the finishing touches to the few projects existing before. We worked with the art history and its relationships to nowadays.
One of the projects was a film called “Time and Space died yesterday. We already live in the absolute, because we have created eternal, omnipresent speed.“

Vienna is a very nice city with generous historical cultural fundamentals and advanced contemporary art institutions and just this relation forms the conditions for the full-value experience.

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