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Marleen Noordergraaf

Marleen Noordergraaf

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ViennaLiebe © Marleen Noordergraaf

ViennaLiebe © Marleen Noordergraaf

ViennaLiebe © Marleen Noordergraaf

ViennaLiebe © Marleen Noordergraaf

Anika Daniel © Marleen Noordergraaf

Julia Helmund © Marleen Noordergraaf

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Amersfoort (Niederlande)

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Mai 2006 - Mai 2006

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Photo Project Zärtlichkeit

I studied journalism and fotojournalism and have been working as a freelance photographer for five years.  I started the beginning of my career in South Africa where I discovered my fascination for people and their authenticity.

Besides working in assignment for organizations, magazines and trade journals I also invest a lot of time in exploring new ideas and visions which I visually translate in photography and art projects. Whereas my contemporary work is based on single streetphotography and coincidental meetings with strangers my art projects originate from a unique collaboration with children and adults who are all part of a voyage of discovery.

Although my photography work tries to reveal the silence and yet always changing climate of thought of humanity my art projects try to explore authentic ways of communicating what is of importance to people. Both however share the beauty of reality and personal expression.

My work is always inspired by the authenticity of the  human being. I especially try to share the personal and vulnerable side that often remains hidden. It is a challange to capture a part of the innerworld in combination with the outside expression.

The project
The method of creation of Zärtlichkeit is my own personal wonder about the timeless and yet transistory existence of love and affection between two people. 
My own awareness about the potential of love received an enormous impulse after the realisation that  my idea about love mainly existed in old love letters I received from Vienna. My photographic voyage of discovery to the potential of love starts self-evident in the city where an illusionairy love was  immortalized on paper.

The provisional worktitle is Zärtlichkeit. Tenderness in the here and now: to be wholly absorbed in one’s feelings cherished in a magical moment with the other.  The experience of the here and now represents in its essence the experience of eternity. 

During the development stage of the photo project I experimented with different photographic approaches: streetphotography, voyeurism and chance meetings with lovers. It is enchanting to see how willing people are to exchange their thoughts, convictions and assumptions about love. Sometimes there is only a conversation about love and sometimes when the camera is forgotten an intimate moment arises in which I can capture the sense of eternity. At other times a silent observation seems sufficient to convey the power of the potential.

At the moment I work with a minolta x-700 with a 50 mm objective and make only use of  available light and grainy black and white film 1600 or 3200 ASA.

I cherish the deep longing to give this photo project a timeless nature. I would like to give Zärtlichkeit a wide berth of growth. Recently I have been experimenting with supper 8 film color and black and white. In some of my art projects I also made use of soundrecordings. Both can possible take part in the further development of Zärtlichkeit. One day I hope to share Zärtlichkeit with other people through an exhibition and a photobook.


Project Marleen Noordergraaf
Development of autonomous photoprojects


Meeting Elisabeth M. Gottfried from Eikon was a heartwarming and valuable exchange of thoughts that inspired me to sharpen and communicate my photographic intention. Elisabeth’s appreciation and faith in the development of my autonomous project made it possible for me to stay for a month in the artist-in-residence studio at the MQW.

The residence in the cultural heart of Vienna has given me many treasures. Being able to really focus for one month on the soul of my project made it possible to connect and reconnect with previous and new ideas. The freedom of creation has resulted in different transformations - personal and artistically.

In my attempt to communicate feelings of connection between people I realized one is only truly connected when there is a connection with oneself first. And although my work is in progress the month in Vienna made it clear that there are two projects I am working on. And this I find very exciting!


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