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Heie Treier

Heie Treier

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Dezember 2006 - Dezember 2006

Current Position:
Editor-in-chief of the kunst.ee magazine (since 2000) Part-time lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn University

2004 PhD, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn

2000 Master degree, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn

2000 Central European University (CEU), Budapest (cultural policy)

1993 (trimester): CEU, Prague (transition in art and philosophy)

1988/89 course: Estonian Academy of Sciences, Tallinn (philosophy)

1981–1986 diploma: Tartu University (history and art history)

Professional experience:
2006 part time lecturer at Tallinn University

2005 part time lecturer at Tartu Univeristy

since 2000 part time lecturer at Estonian Academy of Arts

2002, 2003 lecturing at Turku Art Academy, Finland

Since 2000 editor-in-chief of kunst.ee quarterly magazine

1998–2000 editor of Areen, the cultural supplement of Eesti Ekspress weekly.

1986–1998 editor of Kunst Publishers

Professional positions:

since 2002 member of the international board of AICA (International Association of Art Critics)

Since 1998 editorial board of Mare Articum, the Baltic Art Magazine (Poland)

Since 1996 art expert of the Estonian Ministry of Culture

2006 member of the jury of the freedom monument, Pärnu town Council

2003 member of the jury of the Laidoner monument, Viljandi Town Council

1997–2002 member of the board of Tallinn Art Hall

1999 member of the jury of the Estonian exposition at the Venice Biennial

Since 2000 member of the board of the Artists’ Union of Estonia

Research publications:  
Authored books
PhD publication:Kohalik modernsus kunstis. Eesti varamodernistliku kunsti teoreetiline ja ajalooline kontseptualiseerimine ja Karl Pärsimägi paradigmaleidmise perioodil. Doktoritöö. Eesti Kunstiakadeemia Kunstiteaduse Instituut, 2004. / Local Modernity in art. The theoretical and historical conceptualisation of early Estonian modernist art and Krl Pärsimägi in the period of finding the paradigm. Doctorial thesis. Estonian Academy of Arts, Institute of Art History, Tallinn 2004.
Võrumaa–Tartu–Paris. The painter Karl Pärsimägi (1902–1942). Art Academy of Estonia, Tallinn, 2003.

Journal editorial
Editor-in-chief of kunst.ee quarterly magazine; Mare Articum magazine (Poland). 
Book chapters
Afterword to the book and translation editing: Baird Jones. Mark Kostabi ja East Village’i kunstielu 1983-1987. Kunst.ee magazine and 008 gallery. Tallinn 2006.
In Search of Identity. In: Nosy Nineties. Problems, Themes and Meanings in Estonian Art on 1990s.Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia, 2001.
Freedom of Choice. A Perspective on Estonian Art of the 1990s. In: Freedom of Choice. Tallinn Art Hall, 1999.
Other articles and essays (selection) 
An international experiment. – journal for norteast issues, 4/2005 (journal of art and related disciplines published in Hamburg, Germany).
Kumu, new art museum building in Tallinn. – Framework, 4/2005 (Finnish Art Review published in Helsinki).
Waiting for Kumu. – Flash Art, Nov.-Dec. 2005.
Noored ja kunstiõpetajad meediaühiskonnas. In: Muusika ja kunsti õpetamisest. Riiklik eksami- ja kvalifikatsioonikeskus, Tallinn, 2005.
Loomisprotsess kui tõsielusari. – kunst.ee 3/2005.
Interview with Emilia and Ilya Kabakov. – kunst.ee 4/2004.
Kuidas analüüsida kommunismi? – kunst.ee 3/2004.
Interview with Boris Groys. – kunst.ee 3/2004.
Animated Theatre. The Staging and performance by Kai Kaljo. / Animirano kazalište. Uprizorenje i izveedba: Kai Kaljo. (In English and Croatian.) in the booklet of the exhibition “Halfway to Venice”. PM Gallery, Croatian Association of Artists Home, Zagreb, Croatia, 10.–24.06.2003.
Notes of an Insider. In: Closing the Distance. Catalogue of an exhibition. Laznia Art Center, Gdansk, Poland, 2002.
Ihad ja kujutelmad. Liina Siibi plakatid fiktiivsetele filmidele. –Vikerkaar 7, 2002.
Villu Jaanisoo “komplimendid”. – Vikerkaar 2-3, 2002.
Etnofuturizm – politika mass. Egit Gondyr Veme, Odomaa, Erumaa, Kalmez, Mushomu, Taneyra, Idna. Ed. Kutchyran Juri. Izhevsk, Udmurtia / Russia, 2002.
Mälestused öisest mõistuloost. In: Nocturnus. Eesti Kunstiakadeemia, Tallinn, 2002.
Kunstist kirjutamine. Piirjooned aastail 2000–2002. Aastaraamat 2000/2001. Eesti Kunstnike Liit, Tallinn, 2002.
Heie Treier, Kaija Kaitavuori. The Right Art? – kunst.ee 4, 2002.
Catharsis through Pain. (On Ene-Liis Semper.) Catalogue for the Estonian national exposition at Venice Biennale. Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia. Tallinn, 2001.
Mare Tralla, a lady far from being a “Disgusting Woman”. In: Sybaris, catalogue of the Baltic Contemporary Art Biennial, Szczecin, Nov. 2001. Published by Mare Articum, the Baltic Art Magazine.
Etnofuturismi – ruohonjuuritason politiikkaa. – Taide mag (Helsinki) 6, 2001.
Inessa Josing. Catalogue: “N. E. W. S.”, Szczecin-Riga-Visby 1999/2000. Catalogue of “Ugriculture 2000”. Gallen-Kallela museum, Espoo/Helsinki, 2000. Space and Form. Nu mag (Stockholm) 1999. New York Artist Kalev Mark Kostabi. Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn; Kostabi World, New York, 1999.
Kostabi (Kalev Mark). – Taide mag (Helsinki) 2, 1999.
Kai Kaljo. Inessa Josing. Catalogue of the exhibition “After the Wall” (Vol. I). Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 1999.
The Case of Sven Kivisildnikor How the Conceptual Poet of Internet Became A Scapegoat of Estonia. ZKP 3, Metaforum 3 Budapest, October 1996. Filtered by nettime. (www.desk.nl/~nettime/ZKP3). Published in: Deep Europe. Republished in the catalogue of “After the Wall” (Vol. II). Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 1999.
Estonian Art in the 1990s. Catalogue of Manifesta 2. Luxembourg, 1998.
Letter from Estonia. – Flash Art mag (Milano and NY), Summer 1998.
The Scandals of Estonian Flag. – Index mag (Stockholm),1998.
Autonomous art in the frame of business. Two cases in Estonian art. – Mare Articum mag (Szczecin), Issue 2-3, 2/1998.

Interview mit / with Heie Treier by Hildegund Amanshauser. (In German and English.) Magazin 8. Jahresbuch 2003. Salzburger Kunstverein. Pp. 17-24.

Conference keynotes and papers: 2004 Nov:  NIFCA, Helsinki. Seminar of editors of art magazines.
2004 January: “Faster than History” exhibition, Kiasma, Helsinki. Paper about the influence of George Soros in East-European post-communist art scene.
2003 June: AICA conference in Dakar, Senegal (Africa). Paper “Ethnofuturism, grass root level politics”.
2003 Oct.: Gallery of Contemporary Art in Leipzig, Germany. Seminar of editors of art magazines in Post-Communist countries. Paper about kunst.ee magazine.
2003 Nov.: Month of Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia. Paper “Contemporary Estonian Photography”.
2003 Dec.: Seminar about art of the 1980s by Estonian Union of Art Historians. Rotermann Salt Storage, Tallinn. Paper “Sublime and Kitsch”.
2002 conference of monuments in Strasbourg. Paper about the confusion of ideologies in Estonian monuments.
2001 seminar of Baltic studies at Turku University.

Curatorship: 2000 Arnolfini Centre, Bristol U.K. Exhibition “Shop of Curiosities” as part of the larger exhibition “Duchamp’s Suitcase”. (Review: Roy Exley. Duchamp’s Suitcase. – Nu mag, Vol. II, No. 6/2000)
Co-curator of Sybaris, the Baltic Contemporary Art Biennial, Szczecin, Poland, Nov. 2001. (Catalogue: Sybaris. Szczecin, 2001. Published by Mare Articum, the Baltic Art Magazine.)
Co-curator of “Freedom of Choice” exhibition. Tallinn Art Hall, 1998. (Catalogue-book: Freedom of Choice. Tallinn Art Hall, 1999.)

2005 Nov.-Dec. Italy, Mazzano Romano (near Rome). Stipend from the institution: Tanner Säätiö, Finland in co-operation with Estonian Academy of Arts.

Recent awards:
2003 Ervin Pütsep award for the monograph “Karl Pärsimägi”.
2004 media prize of Eesti Ekspress weekly.
2004 Kristjan Raud prize.


I was kindly invited to the artist-in-residence program of MQ Vienna during one month, December 2006. Being art critic and editor-in-chief of kunst.ee magazine in Tallinn, I was firstly most curious of meeting my colleagues of the Springerin magazine and documenta 12 magazines, both offices situated in the inspiring environment of MuseumsQuartier. kunst.ee is the only magazine from the Baltic and Finnish geographical region participating in documenta 12 magazines project (2006-2007), so I was first focused on this collaboration. I acquired useful information and also got acquainted with editors of Malmoe periodical participating in documenta 12 magazines. 

Actually my stay in Vienna turned out very fruitful. I learned a lot more in Vienna -- visited exhibitions, got to know the city, attended art events and attended the lecture and video presentation of Marina Grzinic at Art Academy of Vienna where she is teaching. I was also able to be at the presentation of the "Mind the Map" book in the beautiful Secession building and listen to the lectures of the three artists of the IRWIN group.

So, there were several levels of working -- I was finishing the last issue of kunst.ee magazine (No. 4, 2006), I got acquainted with several international colleagues and the guest curator in MQ, I got to know Vienna better than ever, I gathered much new information for my future lectures and articles, I made photographs, I wrote a lot, I learned about Vienna contemporary art scene (for example, new year came for me in the local art cafe with Vienna art people and Mozart and Strauss).

This was fascinating time in Vienna and I am extremely grateful to people who made it possible for me and the institutions that enable such possibility! I was treated very kindly and the whole short time seemed like a fairy tale free of everyday responsibilities, concentrating on inspirational new ideas for the future.

Thank you very much,
Heie Treier

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