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Christopher Musgrave

Christopher Musgrave

Bereich: Medienkunst

warmlogic © Christopher Musgrave

couple © Christopher Musgrave

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San Francisco

Empfehlende Institution

Kunstverein Medienturm


Jänner 2007 - Februar 2007

Chris Musgrave is looking to capture ¹reality¹. By deploying simple technology, the phenomena of the world are brought to the spectator as energy or vibrations. Whether with scluptural application of sound and light or audio and video; stimuli interact in symbiosis with the spectator and develop into an anti-iconic post-image in its own right in which both Œthe world¹ and Œthe spectator¹ are represented and even absorbed.

An aim of this activity is to produce spectators who see their sensory perceptions heightened to extremes. This is the point in which a spectator experiences or perceives without filtering the experience through the interpretation of reductive concepts or intellectually closed observation. In this situation, the mental images and psychological projections of the spectators (or participants) themselves become the central subject matter of these exhibitions.


Via the generous appointment of Sandro Droschl (Medienturm) I came  to Vienna and partook in a residency at the MuseumsQuartier hosted by quartier 21. During this productive and reflective time I was able to arrange for two exhibitions of my work (Vienna, Graz) and create a
new video work commissioned by Medienturm as well as a new installation.

It was nice to stay in such a unique environment surrounded by the
inspiration of Vienna, its rich history, culture and arts tradition. I found the staff at the Q21 to be extremely professional, friendly
and facilitating, which made my stay there all the more enjoyable and productive.

I hope the great tradition of the artist in residency program at the MusemsQuartier can continue indefinitely, enabling many more artists to have such an enriching and productive experience as my own.

Gratefully yours,
Christopher Musgrave

More documentation can also be found at http://chris.musgrave.org

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