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Vlad Nanca

Vlad Nanca

Bereich: Bildende Kunst

blau © Vlad Nanca

rot © Vlad Nanca

blau_rot © Vlad Nanca

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Oktober 2005 - November 2005

Date of Birth:   
16.08.1979 Bucharest, Romania

Education:  1999-2001 Art University Bucharest, Photography and Video Department
1994-1998 Sf Sava College

Solo exhibitions:

2005  January, “Terrorism”, Sex Trade Gallery, Bucharest
2003  November, “Vlad Nanca lives and works in Romania”, 2020 Home Gallery, Bucharest
2003  March, “Down to Earth” CIRKUS Gallery, SKC, Belgrade, Serbia
2002  November, “Down to Earth” as part of the Photo Month in Bratislava, Slovakia
2002  March, “Swing Me” photography and installation, Strausberg, Germany
2002  March, “Iconography of the old town”, photography, Huesca, Spain
2002  February, “Framing Huesca” public art project and exhibition , Huesca, Spain
2001  July, “Swing Me”, photography and installation, International Center for Contemporary Arts, Bucharest
2001  February/March “Swing Me” photography and installation, Oxford, England

Group exhibitions:

2004  October, “Romanian artists (and not only) love Ceauşescu’s Palace?!”,   Contemporary   Art Museum, Bucharest
2004  September, “Lyon Septembre de la Photographie”
2004  June, Relocation Academy / Shake Society, Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg 2003  April, took part with 3 individual projects in “Okuparte” festival, Huesca, Spain
2003  February, “Preview”, Kalinderu Medialab, Contemporary Art Museum, Bucharest
2003  February, “343”, Galeria Gallery, Bucharest
2002  September, “Artphoto Number One”, New Gallery, Bucharest 
2001  November, “11 Young Photographers”, New Gallery, Bucharest
2000  “Generation 2000 in Romanian Photography”, International Center for Contemporary Arts, Bucharest
1999  International fair of visual arts, Bucharest
1999  Photo World Romania, Photography Fair, Bucharest Romania

Other Projects:

2005  May, ± 15 years / 2020 at Galeria Noua
2003  June, ‘I do not know what union I want to belong to anymore’, supplement of Idea (arts and society) magazine from Cluj, Romania 2004  May, ‘I do not know what union I want to belong to anymore’, billboard poster project, Bratislava, Slovakia
2004  April, Revolution Brand, performance at April Meetings, Belgrade, Serbia
2003  December, curator of ‘Expozitie cu tema muzicala’ at HT003 Gallery
2003  Producer of Urban Textures show in British Council’s Performing Places festival 2003  Contributor / photographer of the week on www.adayinthelife.org (17-23 February)
2002  Visuals for the Matze concert at the Contemporary Art Center in Bucharest 2002  Photography workshop at the Summer University, Marly le Roi, France
2001  Presentation at the Art School, Huesca, Spain
2001  A series of 8 free postcards was published in a separate public project in conjunction with the “Iconography of the old town” exhibition
2001  Curator of “Especial Rumania” section of “Periferias” festival, Huesca, Spain
2001  Commissioned to take the photographs for the fliers, poster and catalogue of “Periferias” festival, Huesca Spain. Later the flier was voted as “flier of the year by the readers of “Ciclo” magazine
2001  Presentation at Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey

Artistic Residences:

2004  Luxembourg, Shake Academy, Re:location 2002  Paris, France – MAP Programme of the Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes
2001-2002  Huesca, Spain – European Voluntary Service 


Since January 2003 moderaor of the ‘Incepem’ e-mailing list (groups.yahoo.com/group/incepem).
May 2004, took part in Mindbomb social poster project (www.mindbomb.ro).  December 2003, contributor to Calin Dan’s Emotional Architecture exhibition (Kalinderu Medialab Bucharest). Contributor of Dirt issue 1.2 New York based internet magazine www.dirtpress.com (November 2003) and www.fstopmagazine.com.  April, 2003 – Contributor to “Unoccupied Territories” curated by Attila Tordai at the K&S Gallery, Berlin.  Contribution in “Que Hago Yo Aqui” magazine based in Madrid (March 2003). In December 2002, “Swing Me” is bought by the Romanian Museum of Contemporary Art. October 2002, the New York on-line magazine www.artkrush.com recommends “Down to Earth” published on www.hardisco.com/vlad. March 2001, artist of the months on www.romanian-art.com. During 1999-2003, slide projections in different clubs in Oxford, Huesca and Bucharest; photos and articles published in different magazines (including the cover) in England, Germany, Romania and Spain; catalogues published for different exhibitions.


Ausstellung von Ivan Moudov im Studio von Vlad Nanca 



Vienna Days

During the two months in Vienna I feel that I have gained a lot of experience as an artist but also as a person. Vienna is probably one of the greatest place I have ever lived in and I can only be thankful to the developers of the AIR program for giving me the opportunity to be there.

Living in Vienna gave the chance to have access to some of the most amazing experiences – be it undergroud electronica or jazz music clubs or performaces at the TQW or simply walking on the street looking for street art, it was all really enlightening. Besides being a simple spectator to the cultural life of the city I also had the oportunity of meeting some of the really active up and coming artists in the viennese scene and international art scene.

Probably the best thing out of everything was the actual residence and my fellow artists in the program. I developed a true friendship with all the artists in the AIR program. Long discussions during the evenings were the usual thing for us, communication among all of us helped us understand better the context each and everyone of us was coming from, their art and their ideals as artists.

I should also mention that due to the welcoming size of the studio I had the chance to enjoy having my family visisting as well as a great number of artist friends. I am only thankful to the organizers of the residency that not only me but also other artists could enjoy being in the studion if only for a few days.

On the professional and artistic level I have achieved probably more than I originally expected. I was lucky enough to continue my practice as curator in my own living space. In the last two years on various ocasions we have transformed our home in Bucharest into a gallery giving the chance to young artists to exhibit. In Vienna also I had the chance to invite Bulgarian artist Ivan Moudov to do a show in my studio. What we called “quartier 21 temporary Home Gallery”  hosted  Ivan Moudov’s Fragments, 14:13 Minutes Priority exhibition in November 2005. Besides this I also had the chance to produce work. On of the videos I produced during the residency was also shown at the Masc Foundation gallery in the 16th district in November and December.

All in all the residence gave me amazing oportunities, I started new relations with artists and institutions in Vienna as well as strenghten older ones. I feel that Vienna is an important part of my life and I will surely be coming back to the city many times in the future.

Vlad Nanca,

quartier21 AIR fellow, October – November 2005

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