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Silvie Vondřejcová

Silvie Vondřejcová

Bereich: Bildende Kunst

© Silvie Vondřejcová

© Silvie Vondřejcová

© Silvie Vondřejcová

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Bildende Kunst



Empfehlende Institution

tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung


Juni 2005 - Juli 2005

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Based on recommendation of Tranzit Czech republic I was invited for 2 months to Vienna in summer 2005.

I used my stay in Vienna mainly to sit down and reconsider quietly stereotypes of my current life. Since most of my projects are long time concepts it was very good to have opportunity look at my activities from different perspective.

I was in process of a year long performance cold CLOTHES while in Vienna. I was wearing only one color clothes each month. I arrived to Vienna wearing loud ping and I was leaving the city in bright yellow. I could sense the difference in people’s reactions as well as in my own behavior. While ping made me feel provocative and cheap - almost on the guy hunt, yellow raised my individuality and self confidence. I could work on documentation of this project. In cooperation with MQ quintessenz I made a short presentation of this project at Electric Avenue.

Another year long project I was working on is called CALENDAR 2005. I made one small drawing every day.

Next long time project which I am working on now come to my mind while I was in Vienna. The project is cold WEIGHT. Its concept says that I will attempt to gain weight together with my pregnant sister Veronika till her childbirth.  

I got the information about Veronika’s pregnancy during my residency. Up to date information about this project development can be find at www.vondrejcova.wz.cz.

A lot of other little projects were made. Those little activities may not always be finished, but they are important.
Even if hundreds of digital images I was taking regularly during my 2 months in Vienna in the direction of sun or moon without looking at the camera display ended up to be just burned on CD, I am using the principle for another project.

I also want to point out all the cultural events Vienna provides to its visitors.
My Vienna stay was without any doubt great time filed with sun, projects and ideas.  

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