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Mira Gáberová

Mira Gáberová

Bereich: Bildende Kunst

Silver © Mira Gáberová

Silver © Mira Gáberová

between1_1 © Mira Gáberová

between1_2 © Mira Gáberová

between1_3 © Mira Gáberová

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Bildende Kunst



Empfehlende Institution

tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung


April 2005 - Mai 2005

born: 7.3.1979 in Lucenec

- 2004  - tittle Bc. – fine arts
- since 2000 - Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, departement „Painting and New Media“
- 2005  - studio of Prof. Daniel Fischer
- 2004  - studio of Prof. Ivan Csudai
- 2003-2004  - studio of Prof. Daniel Fischer
- 2002  - University of Newcastle,
Newcastle upon Tyne
- 2002  - Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, studio of Peter Sugar
- 2001  - studio of Ilona Németh
- exhibitions:
- 2004 – „Kunstart – BMW Z4 Inspiration“, AWT Bavaria, Bratislava, Slovakia
- 2004 – „Casting“ – Gallery Space for Contemporary Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia
- 2004 – „Media Factory“ - Pecs, Hungary
- 2004 – „Banana Milk“ – Gallery F7 in Bratislava, Slovakia
- 2003 – „Freizonen“ – Wien, Austria
- 2003 – „Czechoslovakia“ – Slovak National Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia
- workshops and symposiums:
- 2004 – „Istroart“ – Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia
- exhibition:
- 2004 – Medium Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
- 2003 – „Wasser, Voda, Víz“ – Bad Fischau, Austria

- 2004 – Gallery of Fine Atrs in Poprad, Slovakia
- 2004 – Academy of Fine Arts, Sopron, Hungary
- 2004 – Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary
- 2004 – Medium Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
- 2003 – Akademie der bildenden Künste, Wien, Austria
- 2003 – Gallery in Bad Fischau, Austria

- 2004 – 3. place in „Kunstart“ contest  for video „Love Story“ – co-author with Lukáš Haruštiak


-  creating new videoworks
-  developing painting projects

I was sent by the Tranzit organization based in Slovakia to utilize an artist-in-residence program in MQ21 in Vienna. It was a stay of two months – April and May 2005. During this program I have worked on two major projects.

The first project was continuing in my video production. While I was in Vienna I have created a video called “Between” which was than presented in Ovalhalle on 29th May 2005. At this presentation the video was accompanied by this statement of mine: “It is a video about the feeling of the state of being between, somewhere between being awake and being dreaming, between life and death. Somewhere in between, where you can just stop and stare at the beauty, just because of the beauty alone.” Later I have taken part with this video on an international festival of short films, called AZYL, where I was awarded 3. prize for it.

The second project was developing a series of golden paintings. I used acrylic spray on canvas to build several layers of the same baroque pattern with different kinds of golden acrylic paint. I continued to work on this project even after my return from Vienna.

I am very grateful to MQ for this residential program. It was a great opportunity to work on my projects intensively in a very positive environment. I am very glad that I have had the chance to spend two months in this wonderful cultural center of Vienna.

Once again I want to express my many thanks to MQ.

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