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Séamus Kealy

Séamus Kealy

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Kanada, Irland


Bildende Kunst / Kritik


Vancouver, Toronto (Kanada)

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Juni 2003 - Juli 2003

Séamus Kealy

Vancouver, BC, Canada


Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of British Columbia - 1996

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2003 -
Painting as Ogress, Gemäldegalerie, Vienna, Austria (June - July)

2003 -
Dopplegangers and Ghosts, Asia House, Tel Aviv, Israel (postponed)

2003 -
Halle Steinek (with Heather Winter), Vienna, Austria (January)

2002 -
Overdream (with Mia Thomsett), Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC (February)

2000 -
Otras Appariciones, Galeria Patio, Santiago, Chile (November)

2000 -
Seamus Kealy & Miles Phillips, Barrister’s Lounge, Vancouver Law Courts, Vancouver, BC (June to August)

1999 -
Variations on a Landscape, Cosmopolis, Vancouver, BC (Sept - Oct)

1999 -
The Black Sun Paintings, Michaud House Gallery, Vancouver (March)

1998 -
The Sensation of Vice, Michaud House Gallery, Vancouver (May)

1997 -
New Paintings
, 1646 East 4th ave, Vancouver, BC (May)

1994 -
Visual Vocabulary, AMS Art Gallery, UBC, Vancouver, BC (Oct - Nov)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2003 -
Avant qu'on parte, AIR Studios, Vienna, Austria (March)

2002 -
RBC National Painting Competition; Trepanier Baer Gallery, Calgary, AB; (September to October)

2002 -
RBC National Painting Competition; Ottawa City Hall Gallery, Ottawa, ON; (October)

2002 -
Moving Pictures, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto, ON (July)

2001 -
No Tragedy
, Michaud House Gallery, Vancouver, BC (June - July)

2001 -
New Work, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, BC (January)

2000 -
Knock-Offs, Or Gallery, Vancouver, BC (June)

2000 -
The Double, Michaud House Gallery, Vancouver, BC (May - June)

2000 -
This Kind of Hunger, Michaud House Gallery, Vancouver, BC (March)

1999 -
Drowning, Michaud House Gallery, Vancouver, BC (Nov - Dec)

1997 -
Four Vancouver Artists, 901 Main st., Vancouver, BC (December)

1996 -
Memoire Suite: 14em Symposium de Nouveau Peinture, Centre d’Art de Baie Saint-Paul, Baie Saint-Paul, Quebec (August - September)

1995 -
Current Stock, Harrington Gallery, Vancouver, BC (June)

1995 -
Current Stock, Keith Alexander Gallery, Vancouver, BC (June)


Contributing Writer, Flash Art Magazine, 2003

Contributing Writer, Canadian Art Magazine, 2002 - 2003

Independent Curator, Vancouver, 1998 - 2002, Vienna 2002 - 2003

Art Instructor, LTTA Vancouver, 2001 - 2002

Contributing Writer, Visual Arts, Terminal City Weekly, Vancouver, 2001 - 2002

Substitute Instructor, Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver; 2001

Board of Directors, Artropolis, Vancouver; 2000-2001

Art Publicist, Vancouver; 1999-2001.

Curator and Organizer, Michaud House Gallery, Vancouver; 1998-2001

Director, Havana Gallery, Vancouver; 2000

Instructor (Art History), Dunbar Community Centre, Vancouver; 1999-2000

Community Mural Coordinator, Ministry of the Environment, Vancouver; 1999

President, founder, organizer, Progressive Arts Society, Vancouver; 1996-1997

Selected Artist and Participant, 14em Symposium de Nouveau Peinture, Baie Saint-Paul, Quebec; 1996

Set Painter, storyboard artist, Vancouver Film and Theatre; 1995-2000

Art Instructor, St. Charles College, Garson, Ontario; 1991


BC Arts Council Production Grant, 2003

Canadian Embassy Exhibition Grant, 2003

Canada Council Travel Grant, 2002

Finalist: RBC Canadian National Painting Competition, 2002

Canada Council Travel Grant, 2001

Entrepreneur of the Year, East Vancouver Entrpreneurship Society; 2000

Artist Production Grant, Department of Foreign Affairs; 2000

Canada Council Travel Grant; 2000

EASE Production Grant; 2000

HRDC Artist Development Grant; 1999-2000

UBC Scholarship; 1995

Art Award (St. Charles College); 1991


Quartier 21, Museumsquartier, Vienna, Austria, 2003 Federal Chancellery of Austria, Vienna, 2002 - 2003
Galeria Patio, Santiago, Chile, 2000
Le Centre d’Art de Baie Saint-Paul Baie Saint-Paul, Quebec, Canada, 1996 


Independent Project (2003), Vienna, Austria

Failure (2002), The Belkin Satellite Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Various Exhibitions (1998-2002), Michaud House Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Various Exhibitions (2000), Havana Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Selected Articles/Media

Goddard, Peter. Tinseltown in Oils. The Toronto Star. Wednesday July 24, 2002.

Aschaiek, Sharon. Interview with Seamus Kealy. The Toronto Sun. Wednesday July 10, 2002.

Scott, Michael. Art show plumbs failure successfully. Queue Magazine. The Vancouver Sun. Thursday, February 21st, 2002. C5.

Laurence, Robin. Painters Play Neopop Ping-Pong with Film (Seamus Kealy/Mia Thomsett). The Georgia Straight. February 21 - 28, 2002. Pg 56.

Laurence, Robin. Failure. The Georgia Straight. February 21 to 28, 2002. Pg 56.

Hill, Mary Francis. pARTy. Arts Section. Westender Weekly. February 7, 2002.

Warner, Andrea. Interview with Séamus Kealy. Feature Article. Medusa Magazine. Vancouver, BC. FalI Issue 2001.

Laurence, Robin. Michaud House Gallery: Best Alternative Gallery in Vancouver. The Georgia Straight. Sept 20, 2001.

Laurence, Robin. No Tragedy Has Dark Side. The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, BC, June 28th - July 5th, 2001.

Cree, Dylan. no tragedy. Michaud House Gallery. June 22nd, 2001.

Grant, Paul. Interview with Séamus Kealy& Claudine Michaud. The Afternoon Show, CBC Radio, June 21st, 2001.

Krishna, Sudha. Upcoming Michaud House Gallery Show. CBC TV. June 17th, 2001.

Courantes de Pacifique. L’Art dans une Maison. CBC TV. June 17th, 2001.

La Segunda. Fotos de los Peliculas. Santiago, Chile. November 23rd, 2000.

El Mercadio. Los Bellas Artes. Santiago, Chile. November 12th, 2000.

Scott, Michael. At Arm’s Length. The Vancouver Sun. July 24th, 2000.

CBC News. Art in a House: The Double. CBC TV. June 20th, 2000.

Janvier, Joyce. Les Oeuvres d’arts dans une maison. CBC TV (Courantes du Pacifiques). May 31st, 2000.

Howard, Cori. Artist’s House Doubles for THE DOUBLE. The National Post. May 26th, 2000.

Drewery, Dale. The Double. CBC Broadcast News. CBC TV. May 22nd, 2000.

Grant, Paul. Interview with Séamus Kealy. The Morning Edition. CBC Radio. May 19th, 2000.

The Vancouver Courier. Double Exposure. Arts and Entertainment. May 17th, 2000.

White, Eric. On Opening The Double. Michaud House Gallery. May 2000.

Hannah, Adad. The Art Scene. The Loop Magazine. April, 2000.

Scott, Michael. Young and Hungry. The Vancouver Sun. March 11th, 2000.

White, Eric. This Kind of Hunger. Michaud House Gallery. March 2000.

Wood, Madeleine. Interview with Séamus Kealy. Catalogue. 2000.

Morley, Nicholas. Variations on a Landscape. Cosmopolis. September 1999.

Lamontagne, Valerie. Two Generations of Painters. ETC Magazine. Montreal, PQ. Spring 1997.

Vie des Arts. 14em Symposium de Noveau Peinture. vol 163. Montreal, PQ. Fall 1996.

Barras, Henri. L’art et la Culture. Productions Vox Art. Internet. Fall 1996.

Noreau, Pierre-Paul. La peinture comme memoire. Le Soleil. Quebec City, PQ. August 31st, 1996.

Desmeules, Sylvain. Symposium: Les oeuvres se precisent. Charlevoisin. August 24th, 1996.


Séamus Kealy is a visual artist and independent curator practising in Vancouver, Canada. He completed his studies in art at the University of British Columbia where he was tutored by Jeff Wall, Mark Lewis and Ken Lum. Shortly after receiving his BFA in 1996 he was selected to participate in the 14th Symposium of New Painting in Baie Saint-Paul, Québec.

After he returned to Vancouver, he founded the Progressive Arts Society, a non-profit group that organizes local exhibitions for emerging artists. Since then he has participated in over thirty exhibitions, in Canada, South America and in Europe. He has had two exhibitions in Vienna in 2003. His solo exhibition at Asia House in Tel Aviv, Israel, also scheduled for 2003, has been postponed due to the US/UK invasion on Iraq.

Séamus Kealy has also organized numerous exhibitions, both as an independent curator for the Michaud House Gallery and as gallery director for Havana Gallery. In February 2002, he curated the group show Failure for the Belkin Satellite Gallery in Vancouver. He has taught art history locally in community centers and has taught as a substitute teacher for the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver.

Seamus Kealy contributes art reviews to several publications, including Canadian Art Magazine and Flash Art International Magazine.



Seamus Kealy’s residency at quartier21 involves curatorial research into emerging artists in Vienna.  He is currently  organizing exchange exhibitions of young artists between Vienna and Vancouver. 

These exhibitions, to be mounted in 2004, will highlight parallels and contrasts between younge artists in both cities as well as foster a dialogue between these two seemingly disparate cities.


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