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ATK! Isjtar & Ofer Smilansky

ATK! Isjtar & Ofer Smilansky

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ATK! © Caroline Lessire

© ATK!

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Brüssel / Saint Gilles

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Juni 2016 - Juli 2016

ATK! [pronounce attack] is Ofer Smilansky and Isjtar smashing sound and burning shadows. ATK! creates live immersive experiences: performances that use light to mold buildings into textures and volumes, driven by electronic music.

The work is site-specific, ATK! looks for architecture out of the ordinary to make a one time experience. By combining lights and music, the performers influence the entire audiovisual perception of the audience’s environment, without reducing the experience to watching a screen. It gives presence to the performers, they aren’t anonymous robots hiding behind screens, but visible and active manipulators of the audiovisual scape.

ATK! stands for dynamic performances with a huge sound, majestic lights. It stands for performers who fuse with the music and each other. It stands for taking it to the next level because we have to.

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ATK! Isjtar & Ofer Smilansky


ATK! (Isjtar and Ofer Smilansky) are eager to collaborate again with Bogomir Doringer following our experience at Lexus Hyrbid Art Moscow. Integrating an evolving ambient light installation into the scenography of the exhibition is an enticing idea for a number of reasons.
The evolving lightscape adds an element of time to the experience of the exhibition. The attention of the public will be caught and transferred to the artworks in a number of ways. To our knowledge, this approach has been used a number of times in soundart and multimedia exhibitions to prevent a cacophonous overflow of sound, though it is much rarer to use light as a guiding and defining element.
Secondly, the artistic illumination of artworks adds elements of interaction between the exhibtion design and the artworks and between the artworks themselves. Too often exhibitors take light for granted and either statically over or underexpose the works.
Finally, we believe that with our involvement we can create an aesthetic, sensorial atmosphere which provides something different and we are curious as to how we can add to the form and theme of the exhibition, which lies outside our usual territory of digital and new media arts.

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