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Dino Pešut

Dino Pešut

Bereich: Medienkunst, Performance

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Medienkunst, Performance



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frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


Jänner 2019 - Jänner 2019

Dino Pešut, born 1990 in Sisak. He graduated dramaturgy, playwriting and screenwriting at Academy of drama Arts in Zagreb.
He worked as a dramaturge and director in different theaters in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.
His playwright debut 2012 “The pressures of my generation” was selected for the FORUM OF YOUNG EUROPEAN PLAYWRIGHTS within Theater biennale Wiesbaden “New plays from Europe”. The play premiered at Croatian National Theatre in Split. Play “(Pen)Ultimate Panda or Static “ ((Pret)Posljednja panda ili statika) won the 1st prize Marin Držić, by the Ministry of Culture and was premiered in ZKM Zagreb, 2015. The play was invited to the Stueckemarkt at Theatertreffen in 2016.
He has won Marin Drzic awards for the plays Grand Hotel Abyss (2016) and Stella, the flood (2017) and Olympia Stadium (2018). A book of plays Penultimate panda and other playswas published in 2017. (Pretposljednja panda i druge drame, Aura Sisak, 2017.)
In 2018. he published his debut novel „Stretched knees “ (Poderana koljena, Fraktura, Zaprešić 2018.)


Work will be showcased within the exhibition Trans-Forma curated by artist Bogomir Doringer who invited me to contribute with this piece. This series takes the ongoing research project I Dance Alone by the Serbian/Dutch artistic research PhD candidate Bogomir Doringer (University of Applied Arts Vienna) as a starting point. From the Trans-Forma project descritption: Trans-Forma starts from research on club culture as an initiator of changes, as a form of activism, as an artistic expression where dancing is seen as an urgency in times of socio- political crisis. Restrictive political systems and social hypocrisy are giving birth to new parties, concepts and groups. The new youth is organizing itself from the dance floor, in demand for recognition and free spaces in which the curatorial agenda addresses political urgencies. The play corresponds with overall thematic framework of the exhibition. It examines the potentiality of clubbing culture in different political, ritual, sociological and affective perspectives.

Pythia, tyranny of despair is a transmedia project based on my play with the same name. Pythia is an immigrant clubber, precariat artist who only in the space of a night club gets her forecasting power, seeing not only the end of the world but also the end of injustices. At least for one night. Drama poses the question of revolutionary potential in clubbing culture. Also, it consists of images of cataclysmic imagination which is produced by late capitalism. It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. The body of the play is translated into a video work (stations) which is in-between film and performance art, different languages, gallery space and theatre space. Pythia is a meditation upon urban mythology, in-between revolution and apocalypse. My work will be a mediation of a performance, emphasizing the power of a projection, and image intervention while the spoken word stays for the viewer, outside of the frame.

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