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Angela Dorrer

Angela Dorrer

area: Fine Arts

Wasserwaage © Angela Dorrer

Sonne_Mond_Wasserwaage © Angela Dorrer

Zirkelschwarm © Angela Dorrer

Zikel_Etui © Angela Dorrer

Kelle_Nadeln_Taler © Angela Dorrer

zunge © Angela Dorrer

raum_deathvalley © Angela Dorrer

andorrercmyk © Angela Dorrer

blutXmilch_waage © Angela Dorrer

Key Facts


Germany, Canada


Fine Arts



recommending institution


time period

February 2006 - February 2006

artist, b. 1969 in Fredericton / Canada, studies of Fine Arts in Montreal and Munich

Projects: Cookies, familysculpture, Öffentliche Führungen.
Exhibitions: galerie articule (Montreal), KMART (Toronto), Maximiliansforum (München), electronic orphanage (Los Angeles), MOCCA und YYZ Toronto, Artforum Berlin, Biennale Liverpool, FORUM STADTPARK Graz.
Publications: UCD United Collection of Dorrer (Verlag Moderne Kunst Nürnberg). 2000-2005 program angels / lothringer13 (co-founder) Ort für Kunst und Medien der Stadt München.
Awards: Project stipend München, DAAD Los Angeles.  2000-2005

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