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Hausordnung Libelle

Dear visitors,

Welcome to MuseumsQuartier! Thank you for your interest in the public terrace of the MQ Libelle on the Leopold Museum roof. In order to enjoy your time here, certain rules must be observed to ensure your safety, the safety of other visitors to the MQ grounds and of the works of art. We draw your attention to the following house rules for the public terrace, which you expressly acknowledge by passing through the access area:

1. General

You are on private property. These house rules apply from the ground level access area at courtyard level after passing through the turnstile, and on the public terrace on the roof of the Leopold Museum.

In the area covered by these house rules, visitors must conduct themselves in such a way as to ensure that no other person is harmed, placed in danger, obstructed, harassed or threatened.

We point out that, in addition to the present house rules, the current version of the general house rules for access to and use of the MuseumsQuartier grounds also applies and is expressly acknowledged when going through any passageway or thoroughfare.

2. Access

Access to the public terrace is made via a turnstile entry system and then via passenger lift. The public terrace is licenced for a maximum number of persons. In order to comply with the pertinent regulatory requirements, MQ E+B GesmbH expressly reserves the right to limit access to the public terrace or if necessary to block access completely or to clear the area, particularly if the number of persons exceeds that which is permitted.

Access to and the vacating of the public terrace is permitted only via the designated entrances and exits. Emergency exit doors and stairways may only be opened and used in case of emergency. Improper use of the emergency exit doors is subject to criminal prosecution.

3. Operation and operating hours

The operating hours of the public terrace are daily from Monday to Sunday, 10:00 to 22:00.

In extreme weather conditions such as snow, ice, hail or storms, or in the case of important in-house requirements such as maintenance, repairs or other work, MQ E+B GesmbH expressly reserves the right to restrict access to or where necessary clear the pubic terrace, for as long as absolutely necessary.

4. Visitors

Parents or accompanying adults bear sole responsibility for children and adolescents and their conduct. Children under 14 years of age may only enter the passenger lift or public terrace in the company of a supervising adult.

5. Prohibitions

Visitors to the public terrace are expressly prohibited from engaging in the following acts in particular:

  • the bringing of bicycles of any kind (including children's bikes), scooters, electric scooters, skateboards or other vehicle-like items such as motor-driven devices onto the public terrace, with the exception of prams, walkers, wheelchairs and the like;
  • the climbing or climbing over of buildings and facilities of any kind not intended for general use, particularly glass balustrades, concrete bases, barriers, displayed works of art, plant troughs and the like;
  • the throwing of objects of any kind over the glass balustrade onto the glass atrium roof or the MuseumsQuartier grounds;
  • treading upon the glass atrium roof;
  • the making of markings, paintings, graffiti and postings of any kind on buildings and facilities intended for general use;
  • the carrying and use of real or dummy weapons of any kind as well as dangerous objects that could be used as weapons;
  • the carrying of pyrotechnic objects of any kind such as fireworks, smoking powder, smoke bombs and the like;
  • the carrying of dangerous and combustible or inflammable substances harmful to health, with the exception of commercially available cigarette lighters;
  • the carrying of glass bottles, glasses of any kind and beverages crates;
  • the carrying of aerosol spray cans and corrosive, flammable, colouring or other substances that may pose a health risk;
  • the bringing of animals of any kind (with the exception of guide or assistance dogs)
  • the giving of musical or artistic performances of any kind without the previous explicit consent of MQ E+B GesmbH;
  • the handling of open flame and naked lights;
  • the consumption of high proof alcohol outside the catering section and its seating area;

begging and peddling of any kind.

Security services  are entitled to carry out random checks on containers or bags brought onto the property with visitors' consent or when deemed necessary. Visitors who for no good reason refuse inspection or who bring prohibited items with them may be denied access to or prohibited from remaining on the public terrace.

6. Cleanliness

Visitors to the public terrace are obliged to treat it and its facilities with care and to leave it in a clean condition. Waste, packaging material and empty containers must be disposed of in dedicated containers only.

Damage of any kind is to be avoided at all costs. Visitors inflicting deliberate damage will be punished with a house ban and reported to authorities, without exception.

7. Advertising

Promotional advertising of any kind or the mounting of decorations and other objects is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of MQ E+B GesmbH.

The fixing of posters and other pasted materials of any kind as well as the distribution of printed matter of any kind is strictly forbidden. The distribution of information leaflets is permitted only with the prior written consent of MQ E+B GesmbH.

8. Sale of goods / catering

The sale of goods of any kind, the offering of services of any kind, free of charge or for a fee, gambling of any kind as well as the setting up of installations, stalls, stands and the like is prohibited without the written consent of MQ E+B GesmbH.

Catering on the public terrace is permitted exclusively for contractually authorised persons.

9. Liability

Use of the public terrace is made at one's own risk.

By passing through the access area, these house rules are expressly acknowledged. Damage to property or injury to persons resulting from the disregard of these house rules is the liability of the party responsible for such damage or injury.

MQ E+B GesmbH accepts no liability for the loss of or damage to personal property; this applies also to theft of personal property.

10. Image recording, video surveillance

Visitors to the public terrace are advised that a video transmission is made for security reasons. Video surveillance is already indicated accordingly in the entry area; by passing through access control, visitors grant their express consent to it.

Filming and the taking of photographs for private purposes is allowed. Photography and filming whose purpose goes beyond private use requires a written permit issued in advanced by the MQ E+B GesmbH press office (see MQ Wien filming permit form). This permit must be carried during shooting and be available for presentation at any time at the request of security services.

11. Safety

Visitors must comply with all information signs, mandatory signs and prohibitory signs in the public terrace area of the Libelle as well as in the entry area, without exception.

Entrances and exits, emergency stairwells and doors, escape and rescue routes must not be obstructed and are to be kept free at all times.

Visitors must follow the instructions of emergency services (police, rescue, fire department) unconditionally and without exception, otherwise they may be prohibited from remaining on the public terrace.

In the event of violations of these house rules, security services and persons authorised by the property management are entitled to issue house bans in the name of the property management. MQ E+B GesmbH expressly reserves the right to report any damage resulting from actions prohibited by these house rules or from other culpable acts and to demand compensation from those responsible for such damage within the scope of the law.

12. Final provision

These house rules come into effect on the day on which the public terrace is put into operation. MQ E+B GesmbH reserves the right to change these house rules at any time and for no specified reason.

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