AiR base Nr. 05 Mariela Gemisheva (BUL) Spider House Portrait

Datum: Do 11.10.2007 10-23.59h, Fr 12.10.2007 - Do 15.11.2007, , Fr 16.11.2007

SPIDER HOUSE PORTRAIT is an installation part of a project SPIDER HOUSE first presented in Vienna as a fashion performance at MAK June 2007 in collaboration with boutique gegenalltag and curated by Jasmin Ladenhaufen.

SPIDER HOUSE is Mariela Gemisheva’s Summer Collection of parachutes, created with the assistance and close collaboration with her students from the Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia Bulgaria. The parachutes are transformed into summer clothing following the Gemisheva’s trademark for fashion and style.

The current installation addresses the idea of the performance, working on the same symbolic and mythological level of feminiti. It uses the light and illusive virtuality of the mirror surface to reach an intense feeling of a presence, creating a portrait of the performance which is multiplied in thousand reflections.

Do 11.10., 19h

Ausstellungsdauer: 12.10. bis 16.11.2007, täglich 10–20h

Ort: AiR base next Freiraum/quartier21, transeuropa

Credit: Wolfgang Leeb