• Opening: Gaudí. Architecture Ahead of its Time Wed, Oct 01 2014 to Wed, Oct 01 2014
    Architekturzentrum Wien

    The Az W shows pieces of Antoni Gaudí, who used an empirical approach that allowed him to rethink his own designs and to try out new solutions.

  • Kaffeesätze (Coffee Grounds) Wed, Oct 01 2014 to Sun, Nov 30 2014

    Exhibition and booklet in the LITERATURpassage

  • Blue Times Wed, Oct 01 2014 to Sun, Jan 11 2015
    Kunsthalle Wien

    The history of the colour blue is one that has undergone various changes in meanings over time.

  • "This is Digital Land Art" Wed, Oct 01 2014 to Fri, Oct 31 2014

    Installation by Station Rose in the Electric Avenue

  • Xenia Lesniewski (GER): HORIZON OF AROUSAL Wed, Oct 01 2014 to Thu, Nov 27 2014

    Exhibition in the ASIFAKEIL, Electric Avenue