ZOOM Kindermuseum

Hands-on-Museum for Children

ZOOM is a children's museum offering lots of cool things waiting to be discovered. It encourages kids to ask, touch, investigate, feel, and play to their heart's content. When kids come here, they use all of their senses to explore the world - either by themselves or in little teams. They zoom in on objects and situations in their own individual way and discover themselves and their abilities in the process.

In exhibitions and workshops, the kids playfully gather sensory impressions and emotional experiences that trigger learning processes and make insights possible. Unlike museums for adults, the kids are invited to touch the objects and try them out. Through contact comes understanding. Play is a big part of ZOOM's activities because it makes learning an individual and creative process.

ZOOM offers four different areas: the exhibition, ZOOM Atelier, ZOOM Lab, and ZOOM Ocean. The emphasis is on kids ages 8 months to 14 years, but accompanying adults are also invited to actively participate in the programs. They can touch and try out objects and gain understanding through the process of contact.

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