Tanzquartier Wien

Center for Contemporary Dance, Performance, Art, and Theory

The Tanzquartier Wien (TQW) first opened in 2001 and is the first production and event facility in Austria dedicated to the genre of contemporary dance and performance.

It is one of the most important facilities in Europe for the promotion and advancement of contemporary dance along with the related theoretical discourse and positions. Against the backdrop of the transdisciplinary appreciation of art fostered by the TQW's location in the midst of the MuseumsQuartier Wien, the TQW’s activities and programs are informed by the experience of contemporary trends and developments in dance and the wealth of opportunities to dialog with artists that the MQ Wien offers.

The TQW facilitates, initiates, supports, and protects artistic processes and also participates in their risks. It curates a program of international guest performances, local and international coproductions, artist residencies, workshops, educational events, and project forms focusing on aspects of artistic research. Its core objectives are to pick up open ends, take them further, and communicate what goes on between the working process and the production.

The Tanzquartier Wien has two different venues within the MQ:
The studio complex is operated year-round and features three dance studios and a publicly accessible theory and media center with a public library, media and video collection, magazine gallery, and Internet facilities. The TQW/Studios are used for programs and events as well as for daily workshops and training sessions for professional dancers, for lectures, laboratories, research projects, and regular rehearsals.

The principal performance venue of the Tanzquartier Wien is Halle G at the MuseumsQuartier, where a weekly changing program of events is offered to the public. Halle E is also used twice a season. 

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