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SUBOTRON arcademy: Hey, can I ask you a quick question? Performance Art in Multi-Player-Games

30.04.2020 bis 30.04.2020 - Raum D / Q21
Veranstalter: Q21

SUBOTRON arcademy: Hey, can I ask you a quick question? Performance Art in Multi-Player-Games



Do, 30.04.2020
19 - 22

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SUBOTRON arcademy: Creative Talk der Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

Katharina Brandl
Kunstraum Niederösterreich & University of Basel

Gaming cultures are not only omnipresent, they also invited visual artists since the 1990ies to directly engage with screen-based games: by referencing the image-worlds of digital games, by the actual use of game engines for the production of art works or by performances in game spaces. While the interest in art practices invested in gaming cultures seems to fluctuate during the most recent decades, as well as the use of specialized terms like “game art”, performances or interventions in game-spaces did not leave the gallery spaces in the last two decades. In her talk, the expert will not talk about games as art, but rather about one specific interest in performance art in screen-based games.

What does it entail to actually qualify, from a position of contemporary art, performative interventions into game spaces, and more specifically in multi-player games spaces, as performance art?
What does it mean if an artwork loses its institutional authorization as a work of art, because it is no longer shown in a gallery space but rather on streaming platforms like Twitch?
Which notion of performance art is necessary to accommodate art practices that engage with screen-based games?
In what ways does a multi-player game space differ for the spaces that performance art usually takes place in?

Katharina Brandl will both tackle those questions systematically, as well as by the usage of prominent artistic examples.


Katharina Brandl is the artistic director of Kunstraum Niederoesterreich in Vienna and a research and teaching associate at the chair of art theory at the University of Basel. She studied political science (Mag.) and art history (BA) at the University of Vienna, as well as critical studies (MA) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Previously, she has worked in research funding & communications and as researcher, writer, curator and manager in the arts – for example as researcher and managing editor for the Austrian contribution to the Architectural Biennale in Venice in 2014, as head of an international studio- and residency program. Since 2016, she is mainly based in Basel, where she works on her PhD on gaming aesthetics in contemporary art, first as a fellow of eikones – Zentrum für die Theorie und Geschichte des Bildes, now as an associate at the Department of Art History. She frequently teaches, publishes and curates nationally and internationally.

Die Veranstaltungsreihe wird durch die Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien und die Bundesstelle für die Positivprädikatisierung von digitalen Spielen im Bundesministerium für Arbeit, Familie und Jugend (BuPP.at) gefördert.
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

Raum D / Q21



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