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Danilo Milovanović

Danilo Milovanović

Bereich: Interdisziplinäre Kunst

Exhibition view, Aksioma Project Space, 2019

© Danilo Milovanović

Decentralization #3, 2021

© Danilo Milovanović

Decentralization #5, 2021

© Danilo Milovanović

SWITCH #2, 2017

© Danilo Milovanović

Plastic Makes It Static Novo Mesto, 2017

© Danilo Milovanović

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Interdisziplinäre Kunst



Empfehlende Institution

tranzit.org / ERSTE Stiftung


Dezember 2023 - Dezember 2023

Danilo Milovanović (*1992, Banja Luka, B&H) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Ljubljana. He holds a master’s degree from University of Ljubljana's Academy of fine arts and design. He also studied at UMPRUM Academy in Prague as an exchange student. Most of Milovanović's works are socially engaged interventions in public spaces. Medium and approach are always defined by ideas, which are mostly related to production of urban spaces and everyday social dynamics. Creating situations that speak for themselves and produce complex meanings in simple ways is a significant feature of his creativity.
Danilo’s work has been shown in numerous festivals and museums / galleries in local and international contexts.

© Danilo Milovanović


My intention is to go over personal archives, to rethink my current practice and to try to realise my further steps without specified result behind it. So, my residency would be a process of looking back with an aim to better understand the future of personal practice. I might prepare a presentation of my existing practice and confront it with my current institutional experiences and working conditions. As I often create spontaneous works based on impressions of urban explorations, it might happen that I will anyway produce some simple in-situ and studio works during my residency.

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