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Add to your 'Escape!' experience by taking part in an unforgettable additional event, designed to bring people closer together!

'Escape' by Deborah Sengl moves and unsettles; it makes you think and, ultimately, become engaged. 'Fremde werden Freunde“, an initiative for social inclusion, has created a fitting additional programme for individuals, teams, businesses and students to create special moments and, together, strengthen social interaction.

Story-telling circle for reflection and exchange
You'll find 'Escape!' by Deborah Sengl to be an unsettling and thought-provoking experience. A story-telling circle will be held once a month in the Freunde Salon at Garnisongasse 11, where you can share your experiences with people who have themselves fled difficult circumstances. Ask questions, listen, and meet people who have a story to tell. Participation is possible by making a donation.

Cooking evening for Teams following 'Escape!'
Cooking and sharing meals brings people together and connects them - it's as simple as that. Take part in an international cooking evening - not just to learn new recipes, but to meet new people as well. You'll also have the opportunity to talk with people who have experienced being refugees.

Additional programme for school classes
Visiting 'Escape!' will have a long-lasting impact on you. We'll come to your class and speak on the subject of 'escape'. We'll answer questions, reflect on our experiences and work through this topic with you. Each of our teams is made up of one person who has experienced being a refugee, and one person with a pedagogical background.

Info & Booking:
Fremde werden Freunde
Garnisongasse 11, 1090 Wien





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