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Ivana & Thomas Volda: Stillness Transcending Motion

31.05.2024 to 31.07.2024 - ASIFAKEIL, MQ ART BOX

Ivana & Thomas Volda: Stillness Transcending Motion


Ivana & Thomas Volda:
Stillness Transcending Motion
Performance: Fri 31.05.2024, 13.30 – 19h
afterwards: ASIFA Austria Reception | MQ Raum D
Exhibition: 01.06. – 31.07.2024
ASIFAKEIL | MQ Showrooms | Free entry

Stillness Transcending Motion is a durational experimental performance-animation by Ivana and Thomas Volda. During the performance Ivana will create experimental animation utilsing photographs and other materials to generate new disorted imagery. The animation will be displayed as part of the scenography communing from another space with a puppet of Thomas. Simutaneously, Thomas animates a puppet of himself reacting with the animated environment, all the while becoming transformed with the introduction of clay.
This animation performance work is a reflection of the artists´ meandering thoughts and introspection. Stillness Transcending Motion is a manifest of self-healing as well as an examination between the duality of an animated film and live performance.
The animations, pictures and other "traces" produced during the performance will be exhibited at ASIFAKEIL. The opening of this exhibition will be part of the ASIFA Austria Reception at MQ Raum D.

A cooperation of ASIFA Austria and Vienna Shorts.

At the ASIFA Austria Reception on 31.05.2024, 19.30h in MQ Room D, the newly published book "Animating Art" about the ASIFAKEIL exhibition space will also be presented.


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