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Hands-on Exhibition: Welcome to the Future!

04.10.2023 to 25.02.2024 - ZOOM Kindermuseum

Hands-on Exhibition: Welcome to the Future!


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Hands-on Exhibition for kids ages 6 to 12

In the new hands-on exhibition, you get to orbit the Earth in a spaceship and observe the wonders of the blue planet, sending your wish for the future off into the galaxy as a brightly shining star. Back on Earth you need to get to "Blue City" by taking one of eight unknown pathways: which door will you choose? Having arrived, everything is about cycles: what links mushrooms and coffee grounds? Help the wonderous Jeans Jungle to grow at the Upcycling Workshop. Bring your inquiring mind to the greenhouse and work out how to care for robot plants. And does algae have superpowers? Visit the Cinema to watch the most entertaining visions of the future from the history of film, and use ideas and future potentials to get the music machine grooving away in the Infinity Room. Search for your fantastical future job, and discover whether we will be commuting to work on gliders or sky ships.

ZOOM Kindermuseum

opening hours

sat-sun:9:15 –16:15


Verein ZOOM Kindermuseum
MuseumsQuartier/Hof 2, Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-524 79 08


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