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Season Closing Celebration

28.06.2019 to 28.06.2019 - Tanzquartier Wien

Season Closing Celebration



fri, 28.06.2019
12.30 h

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“Perhaps the artworks we often call immaterial indeed do not really work. Or maybe they question what work is: what do we mean by (art)work and when do we know if it works? And where does the work actually take place?“ – Galerie

In its dictionary sense, the word immaterial means spiritual, unimportant or irrelevant, but in the arts it has assumed another role. According to Galerie, an immaterial artwork is a work that cannot be reduced to a physical object or to the documentation of an action. But, of course, even the immaterial needs material support. So, immaterial is a way to point at an object with an unknown location. An object that comes to being and expresses itself only through other bodies: spectators, institutions, bystanders, artists. From relational aesthetics over social sculpture or “situations”, contemporary art practices have been addressing the production of subjectivity in the realm of experience economy, using life as means and ends. A conversation, behaviour, a movement, or a mood has become the brush but also the painting. What are the relations between the objectification and the production of life in art and society? What happens to art when life is capitalised into new forms of production?

In the past fifteen years, Krõõt Juurak has developed a series of practices and performances that do not necessarily take place in a black or white box, in neither a theatre nor a gallery, at certain time or space, but rather come to existence as performative conditions through certain other triggers. Similar to the way an “accident-prone” person is likely to get into an accident, these performances may or may not be seen or experienced. There are no guarantees and the more you document the less happens.

In TQW Explore, Krõõt Juurak and Galerie, in collaboration with invited guests, will attempt to present some unpresentable artworks, works between practice and (immaterial) performance, practice presentations and present practices. Through five themed chapters, the visitors are invited on an exploration of different kinds of moods, conversations, workshops, conflicts, guided tours, rumours and dances.



Tue, 11 June, Animal Day
Animal Day is about attempting to see the world through other perspectives. There will be a sleeping workshop taught by a dog.

Wed, 12 June, Family Day
Family Day is a child-inclusive shared work space, an exploration into the co-domestication of families. There will be a participative cleaning performance.

Thu, 13 June, Bad Mood Day
Bad Mood Day is a day of minimal performances (performative conditions) of various moods, conflicts, rumors and other misinformation.

Fr, 14 June, Sleeping Day
Sleeping Day includes a participative sleeping performance and protest, procrastination as an integral part of practice and various ways of saying no.

Sa, 15 June, Party Day
The Party Day brings together all of the above practices. Party practice is as much work as it is fun.

Tanzquartier Wien

opening hours

mo-fri:10 – 18:00


Tanzquartier Wien GmbH
Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-581 35 91


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