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DAS SCHAUFENSTER - text | zeichen | setzen

01.04.2017 to 01.04.2017 - Tanzquartier Wien

DAS SCHAUFENSTER - text | zeichen | setzen


DAS SCHAUFENSTER - text | zeichen | setzen DAS SCHAUFENSTER - text | zeichen | setzen


sat, 01.04.2017

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DAS SCHAUFENSTER - text | zeichen | setzen  eine Forschungsreihe

TQW / Studios

text|zeichen|setzen [text|sign|setting] is a research project by das Schaufenster, in which the principle of complicity is explored through three different performative instruments – the text, the sign and the setting. The starting point is the question of the extent to which it can be conceived of as a model of society. Complicity is a term in criminal law through which a crime is defined by common purpose, planning and execution. It describes a temporary, targeted and self-determined way of working as a fluid formation of alternating players. The practice of how we work in the free theatre scene is to be understood in exactly the same way. What distinguishes these methods? What are their advantages? And how can they be understood as models of coexistence? 

As part of an open moment, Hannes Wurm and his accomplices – aufzeichnensysteme (text), Jack Hauser (zeichen), Stephanie Rauch (setzen) and Chris Standfest – will share their provisional research findings with an interested audience.

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Tanzquartier Wien

opening hours

mo-fri:10 – 18:00


Tanzquartier Wien GmbH
Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-581 35 91


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