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Q21 Backstage Tour - biber

Q21 Backstage Tour - Liquid Frontiers

Q21 Backstage Tour - Das Q21, der kreative Schaffensraum im MuseumsQuartier Wien

Q21 Backstage Tour - EIKON

Q21 Backstage Tour: Broken Rules

Q21 Backstage Tour - Vienna Shorts

Q21 Backstage Tour - monochrom


Backstage Tour

During this tour, visitors may be lucky enough to get a glimpse behind the studio doors of the guest artists, and the initiatives based at Q21 talk about their work. The tour also includes a guided visit to the current exhibition at the frei_raum Q21 exhibition space (Exhibitions April-November).

Due to the current measures of the federal government guided tours will not take place on location.

Guided tours for school groups

It is a special responsibility of art mediation to introduce young people to contemporary art and culture. For some youths, a visit at Q21 can be their first contact.

Due to the current situation there will be no guided tours on location until further notice.

Curator's Guided Tour

Exhibition tours allow international curators to provide an insight into the projects they have been working on.

General Tour

Discover the MuseumsQuartier Wien while learning about the history of one of the largest cultural districts in the world.

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