MQ Amore - Vienna’s first playable sculpture park

Date: Mon, Apr 10 2017 - Tue, Oct 31 2017,

Vienna’s first Playable Sculpture park

Temporarily closed from Tue, Sept 5 to Fri, Sept 22.
Reopening: Sat, Sept 23.

A beach on the Italian Riviera, a refreshing drink and a refined game of minigolf. “MQ Amore” brings a quintessential symbol of 1950s freedom back to life as a sculpture park. These playable works of art in the form of minigolf courses were designed by five artists and art collectives selected in cooperation with the MuseumsQuartier institutions Leopold Museum, Kunsthalle Wien, Architekturzentrum Wien, and Q21. The park makes it possible to experience contemporary art actively and, for the first time, is present not just in the MuseumsQuartier courtyards but also in the MQ forecourt. The grounds of the MuseumsQuartier are expanded beyond their external walls into the fabric of the city; inside is connected with outside. The fact that the artworks can be played on creates a dialog with the works – giving new meaning to the idea of art outreach. In designing the structural implementation of the sculpture park, architect Daniel Sanwald, responsible for the overall concept, took inspiration from the visual vocabulary of the 1950s. “The contoured courses represent the heart of the installation. Based on the form of the beach, shaped by waves, the gravel and turf areas swirl around the ensemble and invite visitors to linger at their leisure. Thanks to the lighting, the site is bathed in the warm glow of a late-summer Italian piazza. As the first point of contact for issuing playing equipment, drinks and snacks, the little kiosk completes the installation. “MQ Amore” is a space of encounter, of dialog, for sporting and artistic fun in the heart of Vienna, and it feels like a mini-vacation.” “MQ Amore” – a sculpture park to fall in love with!

Opening hours April to October
10am – 8pm
10am – 10pm (summer)

Price per game
Adults: € 4,-
Children (up to 12 years): € 2,50
Pack of ten tickets: € 30,-

Reservation and contact:
tel: +43 663 03 03 4182