Hand in Hand Crafting the City

Date: Sun, Aug 20 2017

Mit der Stadt Hand in Hand-Werken
Craftivism*-Workshop & Exkursion

Location: Kunsthalle Wien

Embroidering, knitting and crocheting are practices no longer only confined to the domestic sphere, but used as collective strategies in public space. These temporary interventions partly function as a decoration of public space, but much more so to send out political messages (in our case also welcome greetings), thus re-appropriating public space.

Workshop and excursion are linked to the event Gestures of Welcoming on Aug 12, but can also be visited independently.

Meeting point: 2 pm at the Kunsthalle Wien Community College. Afterwards, we search the city for sites asking for textile intervention.

Please register for the workshop and the excursion: community.college(at)kunsthallewien.at

*Craftivism: Handicraft becomes Activism. „Guerilla Knitting“, „Radical Stitching“ and „Yarn Bombing“ define strategies of spreading political, anti-capitalist, ecological, feminist, or solidary positions by means of textile technique applied to public space.