Groove !

c) Richard Schmetterer

Date: Thu, Sep 21 to Sat, Sep 23, 19:30; Tue, Sep 26, 19:30

Groove !
Theater foXXfire!
Premiere, Rhythmic Dance Theater, 70 Min., 13+


Rhythm is in everything. Everything has a rhythm. And we’re in the thick of it!
What is it that keeps our heart beating and the sun rising and setting every day? Rhythm, the regular recurrence of an event, is a deep-rooted human need—in music and in our daily lives. But do I conform to someone else’s rhythm or do I rebel against the predetermined pulse with my own beat? How much freedom does life need and how much unity does it need, the global groove?
In “Groove!”, six young people explore the possibilities of movement and rhythm. How can I use my own body to make music? What else can I use to create music—instruments and objects, love and air? And what about the really quiet side to groove, when its slow, calm, and floating?