Damian Stewart (NZL): Luciolinae

(c) Damian Stewart

Date: Sat, Sep 24 2011 10:00-23:59, Sun, Sep 25 2011 - Mon, Feb 13 2012, , Tue, Feb 14 2012

Damian Stewart (NZL): Luciolinae

Eröffnung: Fr 23.09., 18h, im Rahmen des Coded Cultures Fokustag im MQ
Datum: 24.09.2011 bis 14.02.2012, täglich 10-22h
Ort: eSeL REZEPTION, Electric Avenue

"A series of devices mounted inside eSeL RECEPTION pulse light in interlocking sequences. The devices seem to be communicating with one another: each individual speaks an endless stream of varying pulses, but when considered together, patterns of movement, synchronicity, and a kind of conversation arises, as though the devices are performing a continuous electronic commentary on some unseen, endlessly unfolding event."

Damian Stewart über "Luciolinae"